First impressions are everything. As humans, our first impressions of people or things don’t usually budge. This is the reason why the first impression a client has of your company and employees is absolutely crucial to help you close a deal. Besides leaving a good impression, it is also good to stand out from other companies to leave a lasting impression.

Client visits don’t always have to be all about shop talk and boring administrative matters in the conference room. Bring the client around your office space, tell them all about the company’s story and let them feel your company’s vibrant energy and culture. Trust us – first impressions are all about the good vibes. Read on to find out more ways you can impress a client during their office visit.

1. Zhuzh Up The Lobby

The lobby will be the very first area your client will spend some time at before meeting you. They might pay extra attention to the area while waiting for you, so why not direct their attention to an entertainment source that allows them to learn more about your company? If you have a big television screen in the lobby, screen photos of annual employees’ retreat, dinner and dance and birthday celebrations to showcase the office culture and the close-knit community that you and your colleagues have. On another wall, frame the various awards and achievements that your company or individual employees have achieved. This will show the client that your team is a well-oiled machine that knows when to have fun and when to work hard.

2. Never Talk Shop Without Food

Business meetings should always be conducted with the presence of food. Having a full meal might not be a good idea as your clients might very well be having a food coma while you pitch, small bites like pastries and donuts are perfect. Breaking bread with your client creates a shared experience as food is a shared interest and common thread between people. It also allows your client to be less restricted and more comfortable in your office and we all know that a comfortable client means a higher win over rate.

3. You Might Be Stressed, but You Can Stay Well Dressed

Similar to how a sloppily-dressed student gives off a lazy and lackadaisical attitude, an office with employees who dress sloppily comes across as unreliable and unprofessional. You wouldn’t want your clients or prospective clients to think that, do you? Make sure to enforce a dress code in your office and that your staff adheres to it. This is highly important for first impressions as an office with well-dressed and sleek individuals will definitely come off as well-put-together and staffed with highly professional individuals.

4. Keep The Office Spick and Span

Nothing turns off a client more than a dirty and messy office space. Besides coming off as unprofessional, a dirty work space reflects negatively on the company as it shows that its employees have no respect for their environment and do not care enough to keep their workplace clean. A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind – can you imagine what a cluttered office space says about a company?

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Impress Your Clients With Lifeline Cleaning

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