3 Reasons to Engage Professional Cleaning Services For Your Carpet

Wall to wall carpeting is an popular choice among business owners who are afraid of wearing out their office floors within a few years, since renovating the floor is a costly affair. Besides its cost-saving aspect, carpets also give meeting rooms or parts of offices a cosy ambience, allowing clients or prospects to feel more comfortable in a corporate environment.

Cleaning a carpet is not as simple as vacuuming it daily, as carpets need to be professionally cleaned and maintained from time to time to ensure its longevity and hygiene level. Read on to find out why you should engage commercial office cleaning services for office carpets as soon as possible!

1. For Maintenance

When carpets have been walked over and stepped on for months and years on end, you might find them looking dull and matted as dirt from the sole of shoes gets caught up between the fibers of the carpet. You might even start to notice spots and lines within the fibers that are most walked on after six months to a year.

To keep your office carpet in tip-top shape all year round, consider getting it professionally cleaned as a good deep clean might just breathe new life into your old carpet. Besides, by engaging commercial cleaners to maintain your carpet regularly, you can extend the lifespan of your carpet to 10 to 15 years. Put off professional cleaning and you might just need to install a brand new one in five years, tops.

2. Health Benefits

Having your carpet cleaned regularly can improve your health as bacteria, allergens, dust and pollen gets trapped in the fibers of the carpet daily. Since the carpet is within your working area where you and your staff spend hours at, it can increase the amount of dust and allergens in the air of the office, and thus affecting your health eventually. If you find your allergies acting up more often or a redeye when you wake up one day, a dusty carpet might just be the culprit – that is, if you get other parts of the office and the air conditioner cleaned regularly.

3. Better Airflow

In warm and humid Singapore, the last thing you want to feel in the office is stuffiness, and a dirty carpet can be the main cause of a stuffy office. When your carpet gets clogged with dust and dirt after a long period of time without proper cleaning, airflow will be compromised. If it gets to this point where the office feels stuffy even with the airconditioning on due to the carpet, your best fix would be to call in the professionals for a deep cleaning, as regular vacuuming will no longer be able to remove all the debris trapped between the fibers.

Why Engage a Professional?

You might be tempted to give your carpet a deep clean by yourself, as it is a cost-saving solution but you should know that carpet cleaning is not for amateurs as it involves chemical tools and advanced equipment for good results.

Here at Lifeline Cleaning, our carpet cleaning service can obliterate the dirt and gunk that has collated in your carpet fibers for months and years with our equipment and highly trained team of professional cleaners. With our solution of carpet shampoo, water and specialised cleaning techniques (dry and steam cleaning), you can rest assured that your carpet can return to its former glory.

If you own a business in Singapore and are looking to get your facility professionally cleaned by our team, visit our website to find out more about our office, industrial, restaurant cleaning, dusting and disinfection services.

How to Clean a House Efficiently

For some, cleaning is therapeutic and can be a way of destressing since decluttering helps to clear the mind and the act of cleaning can be symbolic or might even spark joy. However, if you are one to detest cleaning your room, the thought of cleaning the entire house would probably irk you. Either way, there are instances where you see dust and dirt piling up, with little time to clean. Fret not as Lifeline Cleaning has a few tips and tricks that you can use to clean your home in the shortest time possible.

Step 1: Dusting Your House

Unfortunately, those tiny specks floating around your home were not created by magic. Dust is inevitable. It settles over everything and is often the underlying cause of allergies. But it doesn’t have to stay where it has settled. Here is how to take a streamlined approach to rid your home of dust. Using these smart strategies, you might even be able to breathe properly again.

The recommended plan of attack starts with identifying where to start dusting first. Starting on the ground would stir up dust rather than get rid of it. Work top-down. In each room, start with the topsides of all the furniture, undersides of shelves, and all handrails, picture frames, TV screens, and any other items. Invest in a microfiber cloth and duster and find yourself at ease, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Don’t forget the walls of your home! Vacuum your ceilings and walls at least once a month. Dust is no fun to deal with, but it is important to stay on top of it and minimise your exposure to it.

Step 2: Clean Surfaces

As daunting as it may be to clean every surface in your house, having a game plan to it makes it a smooth process. As smooth as those countertops will be once you clean them!

Start by having an organised list of surfaces to clean. It would be best to have high-touch surfaces highest on that list. These should be cleaned regularly, and especially after you have had visitors in your home. Doorknobs, tables, handles, light switches, and countertops are some of the key areas you can focus on. Moving down on the list, you have got surfaces that are visibly dirty. Bathrooms and kitchens are areas that harbour germs, so give them a good scrub down.

A wide array of disinfectants and sanitisers are available in the market. Be sure to read the labels of these products to understand how to use them and the areas in which they can be used most effectively. For example, for glass surfaces, a non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner should be used. When taking care of wooden surfaces, you can opt to polish them with oil or wax.

Step 3: Vacuum and Mop Floors

Yes, there is a right way to vacuum and mop your households! Strategy comes into play once again. To avoid bumping into furniture and scratching it, and thoroughly cleaning under and around it or simply move the furniture out of the way before vacuuming or mopping. Always start inside a room and vacuum or mop your way outside of it. There are several areas that we tend to miss out. The vacuum is your best weapon of choice for these nooks and crannies – window sills, mattresses, drawers, heating ducts and air conditioning vents, and dryer lint chamber.

If you are in a time crunch, stick to vacuuming or mopping the high-traffic walkways, and leave the rest for whenever you find the time to clean.

When Time is of The Essence, Think Fast!

Your friend just called; she is dropping by to hang out in 20 minutes, but your house is in an absolute mess – what do you do? You don’t have time to follow the above steps to vacuum every nook and cranny of your house or dust your countertops. Here’s how you can speed clean in under 15 minutes.

Grab ahold of your favourite air freshener and spray away those unpleasant odours. Pop a window open to get the stale air moving, and the fresh air in. Clutter can be a sight for sore eyes. Now is not the time to worry about organising, find a place out of sight to temporarily store it until your guest leaves. Don’t forget to clear the sink too!

Lastly, the mirror is your best friend. Freshen up or take a shower. It is more likely that your friend will spend time looking at you, rather than scrutinising the house. If you have time to spare, spend them on small chores, focusing on the rooms that they might spend time in. And there you go, the best way to clean your house when there is no time to lose.

Know The Difference Between Industrial Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

Looking back at 2020, health and safety have quickly risen to be at the helm of everyone’s priorities. And rightfully so. We all want to be protected and protected well. In order to do exactly that, it is important to be aware of the ways in which protection can be sought. In this pursuit, it is easy to come across the many different types of cleaning that are available to us – two of which are industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Industrial cleaning is the act of cleaning hazardous areas in industrial facilities such as factories or warehouses whereas commercial cleaning emphasises the cleanliness of commercial spaces such as office buildings. In a broader sense, that is to say, there are differences between both. Both come with their own set of challenges. Nonetheless, the importance lies in the processes being carried out correctly.

When to Use Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial premises come with their own set of standards for health and safety. Additionally, they have a completely different set of key areas that require a thorough clean. Commercial waste clean-up, hazardous cleanup, or heavy cleaning are understood to be what defines commercial cleaning.

Commercial premises comprise retail, office, supermarkets, schools, banks and other high traffic areas. These premises, with their constant flow of people, increase the chances of germs and bacteria coming in through the door. These premises all differ in their set of standards and present unique sets of cleaning challenges. This highlights the importance of choosing a good commercial cleaning service provider – one who is able to place emphasis on the cleanliness of commercial spaces has high cleaning standards, and is able to meet the requirements of its customers.  

When to Use Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning service providers must be knowledgeable, skilled, and ready to face challenges. They must be equipped with the correct training, equipment and tools to complete the job. Why all the strict requirements for industrial cleaning? Industrial cleaning has more hazards than a commercial building. It is vital to understand how to properly handle hazardous waste and ensure that the industrial environment is kept free of contaminants.

Cleaning services that are employed for industrial cleaning mainly focus on hygiene standards. Different industrial operations comply with other health and safety standards. The hiring of industrial cleaning services should be based on the operations carried out in the business – this highlights the relevance of the health and safety standards of different businesses. Industrial cleaning services must be able to meet the standards of the industries that require industrial cleaning, and it has to be done right.

To summarise, industrial cleaning, as compared to commercial cleaning, is on a larger scale. Industrial cleaners must be trained, pay thorough attention to detail and be knowledgeable and skilled about the specialised techniques and machinery, as well as safety equipment that is necessary for industrial cleaning.

Why Choose Lifeline Cleaning?

It is evident that commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning have vastly differing requirements. The professional cleaning services that are employed to carry out such services must be able to meet these requirements, not just of the customers but of the health and safety standards of the buildings.

Lifeline Cleaning provides everything that you are looking for, and then some. Their trained personnel can tackle any challenges that come their way. Affordable and hassle-free while focusing and prioritising the needs of the customer first. Both commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning call for deliberately specific safety measures and cleaning procedures. Lifeline Cleaning, with its skilled professionals, can readily provide the best results. 

To know more, visit our website today and explore the multitude of available services that Lifeline Cleaning provides. Stay safe and protected!

3 Reasons to Outsource Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning to Professionals

A high standard of hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to operating a food and beverage establishment. Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) keeps food establishments on their toes when it comes to maintaining high standards of sanitation in order to keep the public safe, especially in this time of the pandemic.

During this period of time, customers pay more attention to the overall cleanliness and the hygiene of cafes and restaurants. By engaging professional cleaning services, you will never have to worry about not meeting the expectations of your customers or the NEA and, at the same time lower the possibility of virus transmission within your establishment.

1. Save Costs

Are you a restaurant owner stretched too thin by operation costs and the sheer amount of work needed to keep your business up and running every day? Why not consider outsourcing cleaning services to professional cleaning companies like Lifeline Cleaning?

With professional cleaning services for your restaurant, you no longer need to pay extra for your staff to stay for cleanup after hours or even do the dirty work all by yourself. In fact, in the long term, you will be able to see a reduction in operating costs if you have a chain of restaurants that require regular cleaning. On top of that, you can leave your establishment in the safe hands of Lifeline Cleaning and be rest assured that your restaurant kitchen will be in tip-top shape during opening the next day.

2. We are Professionals

Just like how you are an expert when it comes to serving top quality food in your restaurant, Lifeline Cleaning has the expertise to serve our clients with top-notch cleaning services. When it comes to deep cleaning of restaurant kitchens or the maintenance of expensive equipment such as dishwashers, professional cleaning companies are well-equipped and trained to handle anything you throw at us with skilled cleaning teams and heavy-duty equipment.

Commercial cleaning companies are highly experienced when it comes to deep cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of your restaurant, so you can expect to always have a squeaky clean restaurant at the end of the day. Besides, you never have to worry about your janitor not turning up for their shift as the cleaning company will take care of that.

3. Flexible Schedule

If your restaurant is closed for a break in the middle of the day, that would be the perfect time for us to come in and get it cleaned up for the dinner time slam. By hiring a professional cleaning company, we will be able to provide our cleaning services to you when you need them. This way, your staff will be able to catch a break during lull periods and not worry about coming back to a greasy stove or a pile of dirty dishes after their break time.

By hiring commercial cleaning services, you will be able to free up more time to handle the execution and running of your cafe instead of spending time cleaning.

Our Restaurant Cleaning Service

Here at Lifeline Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with outstanding service. We are experienced in cleaning and disinfecting all sorts of facilities from medical facilities, food and beverage outlets or even factories.

When it comes to restaurant cleaning services, we provide your establishments with personnel that will be responsible for the cleaning of the toilet, common areas, collection of dirty plates and cutlery, dishwashing and cleaning of the kitchen, taking the responsibility off your staff.

Get in touch with us for a free quotation today.

Does Your Restaurant Kitchen Need Deep Cleaning?

Does Your Restaurant Kitchen Need Deep Cleaning?

The kitchen is the heart of every restaurant and the revenue-generating room of your business. This means that it is highly important that the kitchen is always kept at its cleanest, especially during times like this with the ongoing pandemic. Besides, having a dirty kitchen would result in a poor grade from Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) and could hurt your brand’s reputation. 

Yes, your staff might wash and scrub kitchen surfaces and the floor every night during closing time, but is that really enough, and does that uphold the best standards of hygiene for your establishment and NEA? The clear answer is no, as every restaurant’s kitchen requires deep cleaning services from professional cleaning services in Singapore from time to time. Read to find out how to maintain the highest level of hygiene in your restaurant. 

Start With The Grimiest Areas

The Floor 

Oil, crumbs, syrups and sauces spill and splatter on the kitchen floor during slam time. Your chefs and staffs might do cleanup religiously every night, but there is no way they will be able to clean up stains and spills immediately during the dinner rush, and we are all familiar with food splatter that is left to dry on its own – they stick, and it almost never comes off completely unless with professional cleaning tools. 

Appliances and Equipment

Not all kitchen appliances come into direct contact with food, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be cleaned regularly. Oil and grease stick onto the surfaces of these appliances due to the kitchen’s humid environment, and we should not neglect these surfaces. And no, a simple wet cloth soaked in soap is insufficient to rid these germs. 

To ensure the highest level of hygiene, appliances such as the fridge, interior of the oven, microwave oven and coffee machines should also be dismantled (if possible) and thoroughly cleaned or washed whenever possible. 

Sinks and Washing Stations

Washing stations might look clean since it is normally kept further away from all the grime and grease, but don’t let your eyes fool you, as all the gunk that you clean out from your appliances and wash off in the sink might still be lingering somewhere at the bottom of the kitchen sink. But the good news is these areas can be easily cleaned with a strong dose of cleaning chemical, which dissolves solidified gunk in your sink. 

Vents and Kitchen Hoods 

With heavy usage of the kitchen hood and ventilation system, you should also have a routine cleaning and servicing roster to ensure that the ventilation system is working well at all times. In fact, a ventilator that is not working at its optimal is unable to filter out vapour and condensation as effectively, which leads to an unhygienic build-up of grease and grime on surfaces in the kitchen. As a general rule of thumb, deep cleaning done by an industrial cleaning professional should be done more often if your establishment uses the deep fryer frequently. 

Get Your Kitchen Squeaky Clean With Lifeline Cleaning

Here at Lifeline Cleaning, we understand that as a restaurant owner, cleanliness is of the utmost priority but not the sole priority. It can be overwhelming to oversee the cleanliness of every corner of your kitchen for the safety of your customers, but we’ve got you covered. 

Deep cleaning an industrial kitchen is no easy task, but our restaurant cleaning team is more than equipped to deal with any type of kitchens at local restaurants. We provide reliable and efficient restaurant cleaning services that will ensure a good grade from the NEA when the time for a hygiene inspection comes. 

Contact us today to get a quote

ladies sneezing in office

This is Why You Are Constantly Sneezing in The Office

Do you find yourself getting the sniffles every time you are in the office? You feel fine outdoors, and in the train on the way to work but you start sneezing multiple times whenever you arrive in the office in the morning. You thought your desk was unsanitary and did a major spring clean in the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year, but your flu symptoms don’t seem to be improving. Maybe it’s the air-conditioning, maybe it’s just your nose, but what is it about the office that is triggering your allergies all the time? Read on to find out!

Non-allergic Rhinitis

Most people suffering from blocked nose, runny nose or flu symptoms without feeling sick are probably experiencing a case of Rhinitis, which is commonly termed the “Sensitive Nose”. Rhinitis is categorised into two types – allergic and non-allergic. Individuals with non-allergic Rhinitis usually find themselves displaying flu-like symptoms when there is a change in temperature and when they are exposed to perfumes or cigarette smoke.

Allergic Rhinitis, however, is due to the exposure to a particular allergen – usually dust mites, cat, dog fur or even grass. Does your workplace have an office pet? It might just be the reason behind your consecutive sneezing.

Air-conditioner Allergy

It isn’t just a coincidence that your nasal passages feel irritated whenever the air-conditioning is at full blast in the office. You don’t feel cold, but somehow you just can’t seem to stop sneezing. Contrary to popular belief, you are not allergic to the air-conditioner. Rather, you are allergic to the contaminants and dust trapped and recirculated through your office’s air-conditioner. If the air-conditioner is poorly maintained at your workplace, it might even have mould and mildew growth due to the damp conditions from water leakage. Just imagine the air-conditioner spreading these bacteria all over the office, no wonder your nose acts up so often!

Dust and Allergens

More often than not, whether you have Rhinitis or a neglected air-conditioner, the likely culprit for your runny nose at work is simply the accumulated dust from many surfaces in your workplace. Even if your office seems mostly spick and span, dust mites, pollen and mould are common and invisible allergy triggers that are likely present in your workplace. Plus, office buildings in Singapore are usually poorly ventilated with sealed windows, so plenty of dust settles on surfaces that you come into contact with daily.

Yes, there is probably plenty of dusty areas in your home but you don’t find yourself sneezing excessively at home. This is because you probably open your windows to ventilate your rooms and also turn on the fan regularly when you are home, sending the allergens out the window. Not to mention, you would also have done spring cleaning from time to time at home, preventing dust from accumulating at a single spot.

Let Lifeline Cleaning Rid Your Workplace of Dust!

Since dust is the culprit of it all, it is high time your office gets a good springcleaning this Chinese New Year! Other than springcleaning your desk and the area around it, you should also try to keep fewer items on your desk overnight for the dust to settle on. Dust mites and allergens are invisible to the naked eye, so you definitely want to have professionals come in and do a thorough job to ensure a clean and safe environment for your colleagues and yourself.

Here at Lifeline Cleaning, we provide professional office cleaning services and high dusting services to clean unreachable areas and areas which are often overlooked in your workplace. Visit our website today to get a free quote.

5 Dirtiest Nooks and Crannies of Your Workplace and How to Clean Them

Other than your own home, the second place that you will be spending most of your time would be your workplace. You keep your house spotless, but is your office anywhere as clean as your bedroom? Read on to find out the grimiest spots of your workplace that you can help to keep clean – or avoid! 

1. Your Trusty Keyboard and Mouse

It might not be news to you that our hands are our dirtiest body part since they come into contact with countless foreign objects daily. Surprise surprise, what do our hands come into contact with the most on a regular workday? Our computer keyboard and mouse! 

Research has shown that an estimated 16 million microbes which include E.Coli, Staph, salmonella and norovirus (a cousin of Covid-19) cover the nooks and crannies of your keyboard. As for your mouse, there are at least 46 000 times more icky stuff on it than on a single toilet flush handle. 

However, you can always clean them up easily with antibacterial wipes weekly, or if you feel like it, maybe even daily. 

2. That One Sponge in The Kitchen 

Did you know that the coffee mugs in your office might contain germs and bacteria from faecal matter? Yes – you read that right, you could be sipping on nasty stuff right now and the culprit? The dishwashing sponge in the pantry that has been in use for the past 3 months. The reason why the dishwashing sponge can hold a high amount of germs and bacteria is due to the fact that it is almost always moist and absorbent, which makes it a perfect host for E.Coli and salmonella. In fact, these bacteria can start growing within 3 weeks of using the sponge. 

Keeping the dishwashing sponge clean and safe is fairly easy. Simply change one every 2 weeks, even if it looks new or usable. 

3. Door Handles

Yes, yet another surface that our hands are constantly in contact with and we don’t just mean the handles on toilet doors or the office door. Door handles on microwave ovens and refrigerators should not be neglected as well. 

To keep these surfaces clean, wipe them with antibacterial wipes daily. You can also use some hand sanitiser after every time your hands come into contact with any of these surfaces. 

4. The Office Refrigerator 

Half-eaten food and perishables are the perfect breeding ground for germs. In fact, the average refrigerator contains about 7900 bacteria colonies forming per unit, per square inch and refrigerators are huge. The produce drawer in itself can house 750 times the amount of bacteria that is safe for our bodies. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can now tell your colleagues to refrain from keeping unfinished food for more than a day, and to clean out the refrigerator with a strong antibacterial cleanser every 2 days. 

5. The Shared Water Dispenser

It is needless to say that communal items or stations house the most germs since many people come into contact with it daily. But the water dispenser only dispenses water, how can it be dirty? Well, moisture is key for bacteria to reproduce and grow, that’s why. It would be disgusting to be drinking contaminated water, wouldn’t it? All the more you should take initiative to keep the office’s water dispenser clean and germ-free. 

Wondering how to clean a water dispenser? We can help you with that. Running hot water through the water dispenser will help to kill any germs on the dispenser and it will also help if you run your water bottle through hot water every day before use. 

Leave it All to Lifeline Cleaning

As an employee in your workplace, it is your responsibility to keep your workstation clean and tidy, but is it really your responsibility to keep the entire office germ-free? Sanitising pantry counter tops, tables, handles and cleaning the refrigerator is just too tedious for any office employee. Choose Lifeline Cleaning today and you can leave your worries of catching any flu bugs or bacteria at work at bay. Visit our website today and explore all available options for professional office cleaning services in Singapore today.

Co-existing with Covid-19- A World Protected by Disinfectant

Co-existing with Covid-19: A World Protected by Disinfectant

It has been a full year since the world has co-existed with the deadly Covid-19 and during the span of 2020, you might have seen offices, malls or public places being shut down temporarily for “deep-cleaning” or disinfection.You might frequent said place, you see the closure notice and bad thoughts flood your mind immediately. What is deep cleaning? Should I still visit the place when it reopens?

With everyone being so wary of high-touch surfaces like doorknobs or lift buttons during the pandemic, demand for professional cleaning or disinfection services have increased sharply because people tend to err on the side of caution. This is no surprise as professional disinfection can help to reassure the public that the shop or mall is safe to visit and shop in. It acts as a security blanket for customers and as a form of income protection for shop owners as it can prevent shoppers from contracting the virus by minimising contamination in their shop.

If you are in search of a provider for professional disinfection services, you are in luck as Lifeline Cleaning provides a range of professional cleaning services for offices, industrial facilities and restaurants. But before you decide on which cleaning service to go for, read on to find out how professional disinfection works to keep you safe from viruses.

First Things First, Fumigation

Here at Lifeline Cleaning, we use the cutting-edge Atomer II fogging machine from Korea to fumigate targeted areas plus every nook and cranny of your office or shop. Our process can eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria and viruses upon contact, making it the perfect choice for Covid-19 preventative disinfection work. Fumigation can also be carried out in facilities with heavy machineries as the mist is safe for equipment.

Once fine particle misting is completed, all surfaces in your workplace will be disinfected with the chemicals present in the mist. The premises will be ready for use by the next day after the mist dries. There is absolutely no rinsing or wiping required after fumigation is completed as the surfaces will dry automatically after.

We Kill Germs, and Only Germs

There are concerns that chemicals and disinfectant used during professional disinfection can have respiratory effects on people such as increase in asthma attacks and shortness of breath. Rest assured that chemicals and materials used during our disinfection process are approved by Singapore’s National Environmental Agency and are absolutely safe for humans and also safe for disinfecting food processing equipment. Other than ensuring the public’s safety, we also take care of our staff by making sure that they are fully protected in personal protective equipment (PPE) while fumigation is still in process, since the chemicals will be dispensed in the air. This will also ensure a low chance of cross contamination.

Stay Protected with Lifeline Cleaning’s Professional Cleaning Services

While disinfectants can protect you from harmful bacteria and viruses, disinfectant coatings do not last forever. This is why it is important to regularly engage professional to keep your workplace safe for your staff, colleagues and clients. You wouldn’t want to have to shut down for a period of time due to a Covid-19 case at your premises, would you?  To avoid jeopardising your business and health, protect your employees by keeping the office clean and safe with Lifeline Cleaning’s disinfection services – one of the 10 Finest Disinfection and Sanitation Services in Singapore.

Here at Lifeline Cleaning, we strive to meet our customers’ expectations and protect you and your loved ones especially during this pandemic. Get in touch with us today at +65 6443 0943


5 Ways to Make an Everlasting Impression with Your Office

5 Ways to Make an Everlasting Impression with Your Office

First impressions are everything. As humans, our first impressions of people or things don’t usually budge. This is the reason why the first impression a client has of your company and employees is absolutely crucial to help you close a deal. Besides leaving a good impression, it is also good to stand out from other companies to leave a lasting impression.

Client visits don’t always have to be all about shop talk and boring administrative matters in the conference room. Bring the client around your office space, tell them all about the company’s story and let them feel your company’s vibrant energy and culture. Trust us – first impressions are all about the good vibes. Read on to find out more ways you can impress a client during their office visit.

1. Zhuzh Up The Lobby

The lobby will be the very first area your client will spend some time at before meeting you. They might pay extra attention to the area while waiting for you, so why not direct their attention to an entertainment source that allows them to learn more about your company? If you have a big television screen in the lobby, screen photos of annual employees’ retreat, dinner and dance and birthday celebrations to showcase the office culture and the close-knit community that you and your colleagues have. On another wall, frame the various awards and achievements that your company or individual employees have achieved. This will show the client that your team is a well-oiled machine that knows when to have fun and when to work hard.

2. Never Talk Shop Without Food

Business meetings should always be conducted with the presence of food. Having a full meal might not be a good idea as your clients might very well be having a food coma while you pitch, small bites like pastries and donuts are perfect. Breaking bread with your client creates a shared experience as food is a shared interest and common thread between people. It also allows your client to be less restricted and more comfortable in your office and we all know that a comfortable client means a higher win over rate.

3. You Might Be Stressed, but You Can Stay Well Dressed

Similar to how a sloppily-dressed student gives off a lazy and lackadaisical attitude, an office with employees who dress sloppily comes across as unreliable and unprofessional. You wouldn’t want your clients or prospective clients to think that, do you? Make sure to enforce a dress code in your office and that your staff adheres to it. This is highly important for first impressions as an office with well-dressed and sleek individuals will definitely come off as well-put-together and staffed with highly professional individuals.

4. Keep The Office Spick and Span

Nothing turns off a client more than a dirty and messy office space. Besides coming off as unprofessional, a dirty work space reflects negatively on the company as it shows that its employees have no respect for their environment and do not care enough to keep their workplace clean. A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind – can you imagine what a cluttered office space says about a company?

Too swamped with work to be spring-cleaning the office or doing mass clean ups frequently? Work around this by engaging professional cleaning services from Lifeline Cleaning. Here at Lifeline Cleaning, we have the manpower, resources and equipment to maintain a clean and hygienic workspace for you and your staff.

Impress Your Clients With Lifeline Cleaning

A spotless office can give your prospective clients a great first impression of your company. Let Lifeline Cleaning help you create the best first impression for all prospective clients with our top-notch office cleaning services.


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