Moving Away from a COVID-Zero Plan

If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that the COVID-19 virus is here to stay. The Singapore authorities have announced plans to change their management of COVID in Singapore. Right now, we are in the transitional phase to learn to live with the coronavirus and manage its transmission.

As Singapore shakes itself out of living under lockdown conditions, many Singaporeans are apprehensive about returning to work at the office and worry about the risk of contracting the coronavirus. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has released requirements for Safe Management Measures to prepare for a return to the workplace in January 2022. The government views the workplace as a place where the risk of transmitting the coronavirus is high.

Why Do You Need a Safe Workspace?

To transition into living a life with COVID, a professional cleaning service provider plays a vital role. Lifeline Cleaning is a professional cleaning service that offers commercial cleaning in Singapore.

Keeping office spaces clean and disinfected will be vital in managing the transmission of the COVID-19 as we prepare for this transition into a seemingly “normal” life. The high human traffic at offices and opportunities for intermingling increases the risk of a cluster forming. We have to do our best and stay vigilant to ensure that our local transmission does not skyrocket once we return to working at the office.

Our staff at Lifeline Cleaning are fully trained to ensure our service meets the National Environmental Agency’s guidelines for professional office cleaning and disinfection. General cleaning must be combined with regular disinfection to maintain a sterile and clean work environment.

Why Are Office Disinfection Services Important?

Disinfection services protect your office and by removing and killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Our disinfection services and technology will help you eliminate 99.9% of surface bacteria and viruses on contact.


Our biodegradable misting is an efficient disinfection method that gets rid of harmful viruses and bacteria and is safe for use on food processing equipment. Misting should be undertaken periodically to sustain the virus-free status.

General Cleaning with Disinfectant

You should watch out for high-contact surfaces in your office – places where many hands and bodies come into contact daily. Doors, handles, handrails, desktops, and keyboards are some examples, to name a few. These places need regular cleaning and disinfection, and Lifeline Cleaning offers thorough office disinfection services curated for your office’s specific needs and considerations.

We are aware of the staggering work arrangements that most offices will adopt and can cater our service to complement the new work arrangements. This way, your office will always remain sanitised throughout the day.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services Company in Singapore

Lifeline Cleaning prides ourselves on our comprehensive services to help our clients ensure they get the best value for commercial and office cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Apart from cleaning high-touch surfaces, carpets and other soft furnishings can be a breeding spot for bacteria and should not be forgotten. Office carpets need regular deep cleaning with the proper specialised tools. Our professional carpet cleaning services will sanitise your carpets in the office and remove stains and grime to give your office a healthier and fresher look.

Dusting Services

You can engage us to remove dust accumulation in the hard-to-reach places on the ceiling. Maintaining a dust-free environment removes any allergens and keeps the air in the office breathable and healthy.

Get the Best Cleaning Company in Singapore

Having a cleaned and disinfected workplace will provide you and your co-workers a peace of mind when you return to work. A safe workplace is a beautiful workplace.

We also offer other professional cleaning services such as restaurant cleaning and commercial cleaning. Contact us soon to get started on the office cleaning plan for 2022 with a reliable cleaning company.