Do you find yourself getting the sniffles every time you are in the office? You feel fine outdoors, and in the train on the way to work but you start sneezing multiple times whenever you arrive in the office in the morning. You thought your desk was unsanitary and did a major spring clean in the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year, but your flu symptoms don’t seem to be improving. Maybe it’s the air-conditioning, maybe it’s just your nose, but what is it about the office that is triggering your allergies all the time? Read on to find out!

Non-allergic Rhinitis

Most people suffering from blocked nose, runny nose or flu symptoms without feeling sick are probably experiencing a case of Rhinitis, which is commonly termed the “Sensitive Nose”. Rhinitis is categorised into two types – allergic and non-allergic. Individuals with non-allergic Rhinitis usually find themselves displaying flu-like symptoms when there is a change in temperature and when they are exposed to perfumes or cigarette smoke.

Allergic Rhinitis, however, is due to the exposure to a particular allergen – usually dust mites, cat, dog fur or even grass. Does your workplace have an office pet? It might just be the reason behind your consecutive sneezing.

Air-conditioner Allergy

It isn’t just a coincidence that your nasal passages feel irritated whenever the air-conditioning is at full blast in the office. You don’t feel cold, but somehow you just can’t seem to stop sneezing. Contrary to popular belief, you are not allergic to the air-conditioner. Rather, you are allergic to the contaminants and dust trapped and recirculated through your office’s air-conditioner. If the air-conditioner is poorly maintained at your workplace, it might even have mould and mildew growth due to the damp conditions from water leakage. Just imagine the air-conditioner spreading these bacteria all over the office, no wonder your nose acts up so often!

Dust and Allergens

More often than not, whether you have Rhinitis or a neglected air-conditioner, the likely culprit for your runny nose at work is simply the accumulated dust from many surfaces in your workplace. Even if your office seems mostly spick and span, dust mites, pollen and mould are common and invisible allergy triggers that are likely present in your workplace. Plus, office buildings in Singapore are usually poorly ventilated with sealed windows, so plenty of dust settles on surfaces that you come into contact with daily.

Yes, there is probably plenty of dusty areas in your home but you don’t find yourself sneezing excessively at home. This is because you probably open your windows to ventilate your rooms and also turn on the fan regularly when you are home, sending the allergens out the window. Not to mention, you would also have done spring cleaning from time to time at home, preventing dust from accumulating at a single spot.

Let Lifeline Cleaning Rid Your Workplace of Dust!

Since dust is the culprit of it all, it is high time your office gets a good spring cleaning this Chinese New Year! Other than spring cleaning your desk and the area around it, you should also try to keep fewer items on your desk overnight for the dust to settle on. Dust mites and allergens are invisible to the naked eye, so you definitely want to have professionals come in and do a thorough job to ensure a clean and safe environment for your colleagues and yourself.

Here at Lifeline Cleaning, we provide professional office cleaning services and high dusting services to clean unreachable areas and areas which are often overlooked in your workplace. Visit our website today to get a free quote.